Be more conservative with energy usage: This is a better way to prevent pollution. This means you and I should engage in activities and processes that can cut down on energy usage in our household. These could be by way of  ensuring we unplug devices and switch-off lights when not in use. By doing so, it causes the power plant to expend less energy that can lead to the production of greenhouse gasses. Energy- efficient light bulbs also helps to save electricity.

Get your children on board: They are never too young to take climate action. Offer everyday ways for children to be mindful about the planet.

Renovate old homes instead of constructing new ones

Sun-dry your clothes instead of using the dryer to conserve energy.

Check your gas’s cap regularly in other to avoid gas escape from your tank, in other not to waste fuel and your hard-earned gas money.

Plant your own vegetables garden to get more local fresh tomatoes and vegetables from your backyard.

Work from home at least one day of each week to save energy.

Start walking; it is a single action that is better for your health and your planet.

Reduce food wastage whether it’s rotting in your fridge or left over on your plate.