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As a Volunteer Donate and put books about climate change in your nearest library. Pick up trash along road side when walking; it helps in keeping our natural environment clean […]

Act Locally

Act Locally Disinvest from carbon-heavy industries and invest in industries that have cleaned energy and carbon free option. Shop locally to provide community jobs and reduce transportation cost and carbon […]

Act At Home

Be more conservative with energy usage: This is a better way to prevent pollution. This means you and I should engage in activities and processes that can cut down on […]


Act Online

Act online by; Discussing and advocating for the natural environment in a more concrete term, using different internet platforms. The environment is an abstract concept, and until you and I […]



Recycling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly process that   eliminate waste  and doesn’t emit greenhouse gasses into the environment. Take your discarded electronics, paper, glass and plastics to any recycling center. […]