Act Locally

Disinvest from carbon-heavy industries and invest in industries that have cleaned energy and carbon free option.

Shop locally to provide community jobs and reduce transportation cost and carbon emissions.

Come together to combat climate change, by collaborating and changing everyday behavior, educating each other on energy reduction usage.

Say yes to mass transportation initiatives. By telling your city to go car free.

Start or support on urban farming in your region, it can go a long way to cut carbon emissions and provide local employment.

Plant a community garden. Rolling up your sleeves and digging in the soil offers a great way to meet neighbors and adding something to your neighborhood. Offer recommendations on how to manage and maintain a public patch.

Support your local river cleanup to make them more enjoyable.

Bring your own shopping bags; plastic bags are incredibly destructive to the environment: they take hundreds of years to break down, contaminating the soil and water ways; to avoid these problems it is advisable to switch to reusable bags and use them consistently.

Turn off your engine if you’re stopped for more than 10 seconds, unless you are in traffic.


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